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Copy of medical-doctorAre you suffering from pain that inhibits you from participating in activities you enjoy?  At PEMCO, our mission is providing proven, comprehensive, tailored treatment options for each and every patient. We see every patient as an individual.  Each person is unique in their pain, their life, and their respective treatment. We have lived by this philosophy for over 30 years.   We serve the community through our multidisciplinary practice that provides interventional treatment, physical therapy, psychiatric care, medical management.

We are interested in hearing your story.  How has pain affected your life or the lives of your family members? What treatments have been successful for you?  These stories are not only important to the practice but also for others afflicted with pain.  Please feel free to share your experience either anonymously on our patient contact form or on the blog itself.

Please feel free to ask questions and continue to watch for updates. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!