choosing the right pain doc blogPain management is a highly-specialized field. Choosing the right pain doctor can be difficult and it is important that do your research before making your decision. The questions below will help guide you in your search:

  • Does the doctor understand that my pain is unique to me?
  • Does the doctor treat me with respect and compassion?
  • Does the pain management team share common beliefs and goals for treatment?
  • Does the practice provide a broad range of treatment options?
  • Does the doctor actively involve me when creating my treatment plan?
  • Does the pain management team willingly communicate with me?
  • Does my doctor work with other medical providers to ensure the best possible outcomes?

At PEMCO, we focus on treating the whole patient, taking a comprehensive approach at diagnosis and pain treatment. Our years of experience, specialized training and compassion for our patients provide the best possible pain management. Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a patient.