Addiction Services

PEMCO ADDICTION MANAGEMENT, LLC is a new organization focused on helping individuals overcome their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.  We offer medication-assisted treatment for addiction to opiates such as heroin, Oxycontin, and hydrocodone and for addiction to alcohol. The FDA approved treatments that PEMCO ADDICTION MANAGEMENT provides are championed by our OTP certified physicians.

Medication-assisted treatment is one way to help those with opioid addiction recover their lives. If a person is addicted, medication allows him or her to regain a normal state of mind, free of drug-induced highs and lows. It can reduce the overwhelming physical and psychological withdrawal and craving for the substance.

At PEMCO ADDICTION MANAGEMENT, there are three major components to the recovery program: Medication, Counseling, and a Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Initial assessment of individual to assure necessity of treatment
  • Goals for treatment
  • Decision on which medication to use and the dose level to start
  • Physician evaluation schedule
  • Plan for Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Signed contract between physician and individual requiring adherence to program

PEMCO ADDICTION MANAGEMENT is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality addiction management in a medical setting.  If you think you need assistance with drug or alcohol abuse or know a friend or family member who does, please feel free to contact us for an evaluation.

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